Free write!

This free write is my opinion on certan things and those certain things are mostly people biasas twords everything such as sports money and some fame. Let’s start off by talking about money. Can money really buy us happiness? In my oppinion i say yes because, I belive that everything has a cost and if you don’t have the money to do something fun the you can’t do anyething fun. The problem with this world is that you nead money to survive. But fun comes after work and after done being productive with you’re week or day. Fun takes time away from you and gets you off track but it’s still something that you need in you’re life sometimes. And if you dont work you don’t get money and if you don’t get money you can’t have fun. Just think about all the times youve wanted to do something fun but you didn’t have the money to. Bu enough about money lets talk about sports. Some people may debate about this but all sports are a very relivant and awesome thing that potentially makes the world go round besides money and love. But some people may consider to many sports as a sport such as cheer leading and jimnasticks etc. in my oppinion these are not sports because they or more so hobbies. Sports are more of something that are contact or competing teams against one other team and see who wins with points. Chearleating there really arne’t point ssuch as dance they all have a sort of judge that determins the winner. In actual sports points determin the winner so it’s not someone else determining if you win it’s yourself. But jimnasticks theres points your probably saying to youreself but there are still judges by judge you by everything you do and if you have a biased judge guess what youre going to lose if they do not like you. They will mark you for the smallest most slightest mistakes. This brings me to my last oppionion, fame. Fame is something that has been around for probably ever. The way that I see fame is a person with princible, a person who carries themselves well and everyone sees that. And that is why people follow them around and think that they are a part of the highest powers. Famouse people are normal people just like us they all make mistakes they all get hurt they all get mad but the thing is if you are popular for something you are good at. Then emrase it and maybe one day you will becaome famous and people will want pictures etc. But you have to relise it is not easy to beb famouse you have to put in your best effort and make sure that people like what you do. Atleast that’s how i see it. Whoever made it to the end thank you! and if you aggree with any of my biases then don’t be affraid to comment.

A day in the life

A day in the life of Isaiah Shelton. A regular day for me is waking up at around 5:45am to take a cold shower to wake me up. After i have had my shower i drink a protien drink and then brush my teath (other days i occasionally shave). after all of that is done that takes me to about 6:25 which then leads me to walking my dog for about 20 to 30 minutes. I get back home and fill my dogs food and water up for him. Then I spend the rest of my time cleaning my room and getting ready for the day. I get taken to school by my sister and that’s about half of my day. After school i got to the highschool for weight lifting with all of my friends, well most of them. After weightlifting my friends and i hang out, we usually walk to a lot of places, play basketball, make music, or play video games. Me and all of my friends have strict parents so we all have a time we have to be home and if were not home by that time we get in huge trouble. besides that we allways have fun and we never want to leave but the day is over so now we all go home. I brush my twwth again take another shower get in bed and watch whatever i’m in the mood for. then lastly i fall asleap.

Guess What it is

This post is where you get to guess what an image is from a close up and the answers will be at the bottom.

  1.                                     backpack tree with snow
                             exit sign




How to Be Social and Liked

If you are trying to learn how to become better at socialising then this post is perfect for you. First off if your not socail then you need some help, but that’s ok because thats what this post is for. If you are struggling with talking to people you don’t know it’s ok because that’s a natural instinct but it’s not a good one. You need to push youreself to go into a random group and not be afraid to speak. If your afraid to speak people will lable you as “The Quiet Friend.” If you want people to like you have a sence of humor and talk not just about yourself but ask about others. once youre popular and a lot of people know you they will want to talk to you and be friends with you. But you need to learn that not everyone is a good person that can be trusted. People are going to mess around with you and you just have to not care. I know it’s hard but that’s what makes you seem stronger. Once you get invited to hangout with a huge group of people you have succeeded but that’s not it. You can’t be weird and so hyper active or they will think your crazy. You have to be chill and have fun with thge time that you have with your friend group. Once you get brought into more then one friend group you’re basecly popular but there are a few more steps. You also have to be welcoming to others but not to welcoming because some people will just try to break you down. Last;ey smeel good and wear good cloths yso your not the friend that always gets picked on. The moral of this post is to push yourself to be more social!

The Times Were In

The Times Were In

The times where in is crazy! school has shut down multiple times and put many kids back because some kids don’t know how to learn without a teacher. This Global Pandemic has put people out of business and even gotten people evicted from they’re own house. The times this pandemic has put us through is crazy we have had many people lost and many critically sick.

Despite the pandemic COVID-19 there was really nothing good going on in 2020 in fact people where so excited to get out of 2021. So excited they through one of the biggest party’s in a huge convention center! I went and ended up getting covid there was a few 1,000 people there! This year of 2022 it has been pretty good so far. The super bowl was really fun to watch and covid has died down making everything a lot more normal. I loved that all sports where back on because life without sports is rough. The world has had a major setback but is coming back strong and I hope that this year will be better than ever.

My Trip to Mexico

My Trip to mexico

The time I went to Mexico was too much fun, I loved every little thing about it. In Mexico we own this big house on the top of a hill by the ocean. We go out to Mexico a few times a year and one of my favorite things to do is surf. I got really good at surfing the times I was there. But besides all of the ocean the food is incredible. If you go anywhere to eat in Mexico the food is insane you will never want to stop eating. The place that I own my house in Mexico is a place named Cabo San Lucas. We have these cooks that come to our house for breakfast and dinner. Mexico can get a bit scary tho. There are these police type troopers that ride on the back of a truck with AR-15’s! There is a lot of crime out in Mexico but despite that it is a great trip to go on.

Back to the ocean. The ocean is a great place to go fishing especially in Cabo with how warm the water is. When I went to Cabo we got to go snorkeling. Snorkeling was really scary at first but then it got insanely fun. They would take us to this gulf type place where all of the typical fish were. They would through bread into the water to get them close to the boat. The fish were so awesome they got up to the size of a grown mans torso! They were incredible but there are these razor sharp coral in the ocean that if you get near it will cut into your flesh. My dad still has a scar along his back from them. Cabo overall is a great place to spend time in and bring family to there are so many things to do. I hope you enjoyed reading my trip to Mexico and I hope this inspired you to bring your family here one day!


My Free Write

My Future

The way that I see my Future is successful and accomplishing all of my goals I have set at the age I’m at right now. I have manifested that I will have a nice car, a nice wife/girlfriend, a mansion, a good career in music, and a lot more. The way that I hope my future goes is living in a mansion in LA with all of my friends and being a multi millionaire.

I hope to be a famous and well known singer song artist. But if that doesn’t work out, which it has to, then I will pursue my dream in sports and NFT’s.

I dream of a perfect life and making a better life for my family and I. I have a lot of plans for when I grow up and if one of them doesn’t work out then I have my other options. But for now all I can do is manifest and practice so that the things I want to do when I get older will turn into reality.

That’s all for now but I hope that someone at least enjoyed how I want my future to go. If you have manifested your future somewhat like me leave a comment so I know who did. But remember if you say it will happen and put your heart into it it will turn to reality.


My 20 by 20 List

My 20 by 20 List

I want to make at least 1 million dollars off of an NFT.

  • I want to go to more than 1 super bowl game.
  • I want to catch a shark.
  • I want to have a really fast car.
  • I want to get straight A’s for the rest of my time in school.
  • I really want to get back into all of the sports that I can.
  • I want to only eat healthy.
  • I want a healthy relationship from 8th grade all the way up until adult-hood/so for ever.
  • I want to become a famous football player.
  • I want to succeed in my rapping career with my friend.
  • I want to move to LA and preform a concert with some of the biggest singer song artists in the world.
  • I want to meat a group of famous people and make friends with them.
  • I want to win a race in my fast car that is going to be built.
  • I want to see my sister succeed in collage and my brother get into the NFL.
  • I want to have a famous quote that everyone will know.
  • I want to live in a mansion in LA with all of my friends and create a perfect bond as if we were family.
  • I want to be known to the world/to blow up and be famous
  • I want to help people.
  • I want to by a lion and have a small zoo or some type of animal enclosure in my house.
  • And lastly I want to move out by 16 with loads of money to support myself.